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Product Name: Cotton Sublimation Printing Fixing Coating
Main Features :
Applicable: pure cotton, cotton polyester blended, cotton blended knitted fabric and canvas


Sublimation Printing Fixing Coating

Model No.: SDD-SC02

Packing: 5L/Barrel, 20L/Barrel

Period of validity: 150 days (5months)

Material type: 
    1, Pure cotton, more than 70% cotton content       
    2, Blended fabric, cotton content 30-70%
    3, Pure cotton canvas with thickness larger than 12 ounces
    4, Pure cotton canvas with thickness no large than 12 ounces

       Applicable for a variety of white (or raw white) cooked blank cotton cloth, light-colored cotton cloth and marketed cotton cloth, cotton woven fabrics, cotton/polyester blended fabrics, cotton/linen blended fabrics, cotton canvas , cotton/polyester blended canvas, cotton/linen blended canvas, etc.




       This product solves the difficulty and technical blank that thermal dye sublimation digital transfer printing cannot directly print on natural fiber cotton and features rich image gradation, smooth transitions, and bright colors. It is used in color printers for easy printing, having advantages such as saving time and costs which is unmatched by traditional screen printing. No steaming and water washing are needed after printing, and no waste water is discharged, saving large amounts of water and energy consumption. The printed products feel comfortable and are subject to no color discoloration, yellowing or cross-colors (iridescence), and the water color fastness is over Grade 4. Its free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and APE; there is  no waste gas, waste water or  solid waste discharged in the production process, so it is very friendly to the environment.


       Cotton fabrics require no singeing during the printing production process and features good air permeability. For very large orders, color printers can be used for transfer print by printing plain paper instead of printing patterns by printers, greatly reducing costs. In the current application of printing with sublimation paper, the cost for an area equivalent to A4 size is less than 0.5 RMB (including fixing agents, sublimation ink, and sublimation paper), requiring no high equipment investment and applicable in small, medium and large volume production.



1. This material is a white paste for direct use. Do not dilute or add any additive.

2. Before processing, ensure the cloth is cleaning. Stir the slurry before sizing.

3. Screening suggestion: 250 mesh (also declared as 2500 mesh) for knitted cotton, 100-150 mesh (also declared as 1000-1500) for canvas; apply back and forth even with double soft blades for one time. Operating on adhesive screen printing bench (collect the cloth only after it is fully dry) will effectively enhance the feeling of comfort. Slightly pull the printed part of the cloth can also improve the feel. Select sublimation ink with high color saturation and color fastness. Select sublimation paper with high transfer rate. Increasing the amount of ink printer will create transferred designs and patterns with stronger presentation and higher color saturation.

4. Avoid too long rest time during operations to prevent screen blockage. After use, timely clean and properly store the screen. Unused slurry should be sealed for storage. Test with small pieces for different cloth to determine the proper screen meshes.

5. Reference sublimation temperature: 210 °C for 25 seconds. As cotton fabrics differ great from one another in nature, the results will somewhat vary on different cloth. Please test with small pieces before mass production to select the appropriate production parameters.

6. Note: This process is a revolution for cotton printing, rather than a continuation of sublimation techniques for polyester and other types of materials. Please regard as a cotton printing process for the testing standards.

7. This product is currently divided into four types for different fabrics: (1) pure (all) cotton (knitted fabrics, lycra fabrics, woven fabrics, or other fabrics with cotton content higher than 70%); (2) cotton/polyester blended fabrics TC/CVC (cotton content greater than 30% but less than 70%); (3) cotton (or cotton & linen) canvas with a thickness of more than 12 oz; (4) cotton (or cotton & linen) canvas with a thickness of no more than 12 oz. Please consult with us according to the type of fabrics before ordering.




1. Test before use: Due to different substrates, production equipment, production supplies, skill levels, weather conditions, etc., strict testing with a small quantity must be carried out before mass production, so as to avoid unnecessary losses!

2. Yellowing cotton: Before using the coatings, please test to check if heat transfer printing alone will yellow the cotton. The coatings will not yellow the heat transfer printing of cotton fabrics.

3. Environmental specifications: This product is a milky white slurry, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It complies with international textile coating (material) environmental index as well as national laws and regulations, and reaches the standards for SGS textile coating (materials) import and export inspection. Customers should apply for environmental verification of fabrics or finished clothes processed with this material by themselves, as the environmental standards vary in countries and regions.

4. Packaging and transportation: 20kg/barrel, by logistics carriers.

5. Storage and transportation: The product is a non-flammable chemical. Please transport and store as a general industrial chemical. Unpacked slurry has a service life of 150 days if stored in dry and cool places as per standards; unpacked slurry shall be sealed and used up as soon as possible.