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Product Name: CISS
Main Features :
Continuous Ink Supply System
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
1)CISS is a new, environmentally friendly product.
2)With the usage of big capacity of ink device, ink capacity is now 15 times larger than that of the  original  cartridge.
3)The ink supply system uses independent bottles for each color, which can be refilled repeatedly.
4)Can reduce the cost by 70-80% besides the original cartridge, and can be continuously used. 
5)Beautiful and well-done overall styling. It uses the small capacity outside ink holding bottle in 100ml, and grafts the modern contour design, making it modern, typical, delicate and smart, with graceful lines. Very  popular.
6)Installation is simple and easy: change its original ink supply system without refilling the machine. It is not necessary to change the structure of original inkjet printer. CISS needs no maintenance. It can be used in a plug-and-play way.  Washing-free and maintenance-free. 
Epson, HP, Canon, Brother