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Product Name: Blank Mouse Pad
Main Features :
Mouse Pad Special for Sublimation

It is well-coated with special coating. Smooth and suitable for sublimation image printing with excellent effect.



 Item: Mouse Pad

 Model No.: DM-M01

 Material: Foam rubber

 Shape: square, round, oval, heart

 Size: A3/ A4/ A5

 Thickness: 3mm / 5mm


Making Process:

1, Select photo/picture from your computer, scan, memory card

2, Print it our onto sublimation paper by desktop Epson inkjet printer + sublimation ink

3, Stick sublimation paper with photo on the blank mouse pad surface by heat resistant tape

4, Set temperature and time moderately on the flat heat press machine, normally 180℃,60seconds

5, Press the photo to mouse pad, tear off the sublimation paper