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How to maintain a sublimation transfer t-shirt
How to maintain a sublimation transfer t-shirt

After getting a favorite sublimation transfer printing t-shirt, you need to maintain it in the right way, to keep the vivid picture for a long time.


1, The new t-shirt touched little hard, and it will change to soft after washing.

2, You need to wash the t-shirt after 48hours when printing.

3, Do not rub t-shirt parts with picture with hand.

4, Do not wash the t-shirt with detergent which contain the bleach.

5, Washing the t-shirt in the water with temperature below 40℃.

6, Washing it by hand to the greatest extent, if you wash it by washing machine, turn over the t-shirt to let the surface with picture inside.

7, Don’t use the clothes dryer after washing, don’t put the clothes in the burning sun.

8, The right way to dry the t-shirt is airing by air.

9, Using the medium temperature to iron, if the t-shirt need to iron, and don’t iron on the picture directly.