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How to Heat Press a T-Shirt
When deciding if you should use iron-on transfers in order to heat press a T-shirt, it is usually best to choose heat pressing. This process results in a high-quality product that lasts longer. This can be used method in your own home, but there are several basics you should know before trying to heat press a T-shirt.
# 1
Wash the T-shirt blanks in cold water having a small amount of mild soap. Dry them on high temperature, and store them from moisture and heat.

# 2
Choose or build a graphic design for the T-shirts with a design program. Make use of the professional heat transfer paper to print on. Print with color ink by using an inkjet printer. Store any other images in a box in a very cool, dry place.

# 3
Cut out the images getting used. Trim as close to the edges of the image as is possible. To make cutting out words more accurate and professional, make use of a background such as a rectangle with color. Cut throughout the shape instead of cutting out the words individually. This really is much easier and look better.

# 4
Set the press in accordance with the instructions for the form of material, transfer paper and machine being used. This will require three settings–temperature, pressure and time–for each T-shirt.

# 5
Center an image on the T-shirt. Using an alignment tool for instance a ruler makes this easy. Folding the T-shirt by 50 % lengthwise can also help center the picture. There are many different types of alignment tools. A T-square work very well at centering a picture exactly in the middle of the shirt. Additionally it is useful when centering an object over the pocket of an T-shirt.

# 6
Squeeze image ink-side down on the T-shirt and place them on top of the Teflon pad within the press. Place a Teflon sheet along with the T-shirt to keep the rubber in the machine from staying with the shirt. The Teflon tools will likely keep the machine from accumulating ink and dust, and Teflon is easy to wipe clean. Lock the press and continue with the manufacturer timing instructions for each person heat press.

# 7
Open the press after it unlocks. Look at directions on the package of transfer paper to find out whether to allow the shirt and image to cool or whether to remove the transfer paper while hot. Take away the transfer paper while using T-shirt still in the press. Lift the transfer paper outside the image slowly. Withdraw on the transfer paper rather than up. Allow the T-shirt for cooling and dry all day and night before packaging or washing.